If you or your players are the type who see necromancers as emaciated semihuman monstrosities, crouching on thrones of bone and bidding their shambling, deathless legions to conquer and destroy, be prepared for a shock. Hollowfaust’s necromancers are a breed apart: erudite, sophisticated, learned and only occasionally evil. If you enjoy messing with your players’ heads and shattering their preconceived notions, we’re proud to help. If, on the other hand, the notion of sensible, neutral-aligned necromancers who view death from a scientist’s perspective and who have no ambitions of world conquest messes with your
head, we’re even prouder.

You won’t find the stereotypical evil necromancer in Hollowfaust. What you and your players will find is a place of learning, exploration and science – where the secrets of life are exposed and explored by studying death. Spellcasters will find new opportunities working with the mysterious Guildsmen, warriors can seek employment as guards or independent agents, clerics can pursue their faith’s principals without fear and rogues can do what rogues do everywhere. Although the dead walk in Hollowfaust, there is much there for the living, as well.

Hollowfaust is a welcome addition to the Scarred Lands setting, where we endeavor (hopefully with some success) to mix the familiar with the bizarre, adding new twists to traditional fantasy roleplaying. Although its authors, editor and developers no doubt felt somewhat undead by the time this project was finished, we’re proud of the end result and hope that both you and your players will come to know and appreciate Hollowfaust and its people as we have. But be careful; don’t get to know them too well, lest you end up staying there much longer than you’d originally planned….

Sword & Sorcery Studio


“Thus did the outcast necromancers find for themselves an empire and a subject people in the desolate land where the men of Rome had driven them forth to perish.”
– Clark Ashton Smith, “The Empire of the Necromancers”


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