Orb of Truenamed Necromancy

"What is Necromancy? I'll show you..." -Aeneas Shadowflux


Epic Artifact

Necromantic Scrying: Whenever a source of necromancy is being used, no matter the location, a ripple pulsates from the orb. It allows scrying on the exact location of the source of the necromantic energy and will discern the name, type, and location of any and all undead in existence. This cannot be shielded, resistanted, or hidden by any means.

Necromantic Empowerment: All necromancy spells cast within 60 Feet of the Ectoplasmic Orb of Truenamed Necromancy are automatically Empowered, Enlarged, Extended, Heightened, Maximized, Quickened, Silent, Stilled, and Widened without using any adjustments in spell level.

Unknown: There are unknown abilities yet to be discovered. More experimentation will be required.


Aeneas Shadowflux – Professor; Doctor; Scholar; Sailor; Exile; Digger… Known by many. Understood by few. Friends of fewer than that. Aeneas Shadowflux has spent more years researching and experimenting what the purest form of Necromancy is, than many have been alive. After a century of achieving power and fortune, he seemed to come to the height of his power. Realizing there was nothing left to achieve, he knew he needed something more. He secluded himself to his laboratory…

His research and hardwork led him to a philosophy of magic known as the Truename; the syllables and utterances of the arcane, of life, and of death itself. His Truename research, and his unparalleled mastery of Necromancy has culminated into his lifework – The Truename of Necromancy.

Upon uttering the Truename of Necromancy, negative energy began to manifest itself. It swirled and swirled and finally settled into a pure ebon sphere. An Ectoplasmic Orb of Truenamed Necromancy was before his eyes. One single tear fell from the eyes of “Digger.” He was overtaken with its beauty. And for the first time, felt as if he really achieved something, and that his life had worth.

He has been slowly experimenting with the Truenamed Necromancy, cautiously testing what negative energy, in its most raw and pure form, can do.

Orb of Truenamed Necromancy

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